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Von Kessinger’s Express

German and Allied soldiers battle for control of your train!

Quick Details

World War II Comes to Life

November 4 & 5, 2023

World War II Veterans Ride Free

It’s June, 1944, France, soon after D-Day. The Allies are quickly approaching German General Von Kessinger’s camp. If your papers are in order, you will be permitted to escape with the General onboard his train racing across the French countryside as French Resistance, U.S. and British forces give chase. Will the General evade Allied capture? Be sure your papers are in order before finding out – the Germans will be checking for spies!

Von Kessinger’s Express is a fictional but realistic battle from WWII. This reenactment is an exciting and realistic way to teach about the past that brings into perspective the events that took place towards the end of WWII. It also pays tribute to our WWII veterans as it takes place on or near Veteran’s Day every year. Come take a ride through history and help us honor the Greatest Generation!

The train will be operating with diesel-electric locomotives and a selection of open-air and air-conditioned cars. Tickets for this event are general admission with seating first come, first served.

The event may not be suitable for younger children. Re-enactments will take place both onboard the train and off the train. Expect unyielding German troops demanding your papers, yelling, and loud gun and cannon fire.