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Frisco 3749 Campaign

Preserving Florida’s past, enchanting Florida’s future.

The Florida Railroad Museum has embarked on an ambitious program to cosmetically restore St. Louis & San Francisco (Frisco) 3749 back to its 1950’s glory.

At its new venue in Parrish, FL the locomotive will become an icon of the last days of steam in Florida for visitors worldwide, and a cultural resource that tells the story of how the railroads made Florida great.

A Rich History

In 1957 MGM released the movie “The Wings of Eagles” recorded at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, the birthplace of naval aviation.
Staring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, the film also stared an unassuming Frisco 0-6-0 Switcher locomotive numbered 3749, weighting 77 tons with an 11-foot wheelbase and a deep rooted Florida history for services in the film.

After filming was complete, 3749 sat in Pensacola’s Pen Yard for several years until it was finally sold to a local scrap dealer in about 1968 where it remained intact until the seventies.

Frisco retired the 3749 in September of 1952, from that point until the Fall of 1956 it was leased to Alabama State Prison and worked their branch from Huxford to the prison. It was then moved to Pensacola and used in the movie until early 1957 when it was placed into storage. It remained at Pensacola until the Fall of 1966 when it was sold for scrap to Pensacola Scrap Processors. It was moved there on 11/11/66 and then sold to a private individual in the Orlando, FL. Area where remained until late 1970s when it was donated to the city. It was then displayed at the Church St. Station, Orlando, Florida before being donated to the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish in 2012.

The Mission

The Florida Railroad Museum is an immersion into the past, with vintage Florida artifacts on display and in operation. Leveraging 9 miles of track from Parrish to Willow, the museum operates diesel trains enriching the lives of children of all ages. Stepping back in time, you traverse the Florida countryside as it was in the 1940’s and 50’s in vintage equipment from around the state.

The Florida Railroad Museum is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit Florida corporation, providing educational and entertaining journeys to nearly a million visitors since its inception. The Museum is dedicated to celebrating the heritage and exploring the future of Florida railroads through historic preservation, advocacy, research, and operations. The Museum collects artifacts and archival material from the railroad industry to exhibit and interpret their significance in American life and culture. Exhibits and operations are provided year-round.

Capital Campaign

Frisco 3749’s restoration is made possible by public and private contributions. Funding provided by private contributions, including foundations, individuals, corporations, and in-kind goods and services.

Make a contribution

Become a contributor and stakeholder in one of the most exciting museum projects in Florida! Every dollar makes a difference. Your support enables the Museum to continue its Frisco 3749 project, while making you a valued Contributor of Record to generations of beneficiaries to come.

Frisco 3749 Restoration - Project Breakdown

Prepare for Relocation – $5,000

Strip, Replace & Repair – $30,000

Paint, Prep and Present – $25,000

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