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"T" is for Tea Bag

An All New Mystery 2015

Comic detectives, spies, and a butler-in-disguise are the characters in the upcoming Florida Railroad Museum mystery dinner train.

The cast of characters include a hard boiled detective and a weird inventor.

The plot involves the nefarious Beezle Crittenham, who has his own private car on the train.

The cast of spies and sleuths have arrived, independently, to meet him, but to no avail for Beezle is discovered dead at a table, next to an overturned cup of tea.

Who killed him?

What did he have that this crew of silly sleuths wanted so bad?

And whatever it was that he had... who took it?

Join us for a night of mystery, suspense, and good food. Please read the menu options (located under 4. in the At the Stop for Dinner information area below) and make your main course selections at the time of reservations.


1. Dates and Times

The Murder Mystery Dinner Train departs at 6 PM on Fridays, 2 PM & 6 PM on Saturdays (excluding March 7, which only features a 6 PM show), and 2 PM on Sundays:

February 14, 20, 21, 22, 27 & 28

March 1, 6, 7 & 8

Boarding begins 30 minutes before departure. The train will depart promptly at the scheduled departure time.

Be sure to allow time for traffic, parking, ticket pickup and boarding.

2. Ticket Prices

2 PM Matinee

6 PM Show

February 14

February 14



All Other Matinees

All Other Shows



Member, group and reciprocal program discounts are not valid during special events.

3. Seating

4. Wheelchairs and Special Needs

5. Buying Tickets

6. Ticket Exchanges

7. Ticket Refunds

8. Getting Your Tickets

At the Station

1. Arrive Early

2. Parking

3. Boarding

4. Accessibility and Wheelchairs

5. Restrooms

Onboard the Train

1. Safety

2. Dress Appropriately

3. Food and Drink

4. Restrooms

5. Smoking

At the Stop for Dinner

1. Accessibility

2. Personal Belongings

3. Restrooms

4. Dinner

5. Alcoholic Beverages

Photo from past Murder Mystery Dinner Train
Photo from past Murder Mystery Dinner Train
Photo from past Murder Mystery Dinner Train
Photo from past Murder Mystery Dinner Train